With the head office in Piraeus , the company is located in the heart of the commercial port, so as to serve all its customers , as well as customs agents and transporters .


As an international Logistics Company, we have been organizing transport of goods to any kind of destination already since a long time. Customized shipping and transport services tailored to your business to provide your Company  with personalized supply chain solutions WTS Logistics uses its worldwide network to make your transport requirements run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


With the immediacy technology has brought to life, customer service expectations are at an all-time high. No industry is immune from those expectations, including the logistics industry, where delivery services face greater pressure to get packages to their destination in the most timely and efficient way possible.


To meet changing customer and consumer expectations, we are using a combination of methods—both new and tried and true—to make sure deliveries arrive on time.

  1. Supply Chain
  2. Increased Efficiency
  3. New Delivery Options


WTS Logistics is dedicated to the provision of logistics services worldwide. Our business philosophy is to deliver supply chain solutions in a unique way, benefiting end-users of both regular high volume shipments as well as those involved with large and small project moves.