Our Vision
Our Mission

Who We Are

A leading forwarding agency established in 1997, located to the heart of the third biggest natural port of the world: Piraeus. World Transportation Solutions, WTS in abbreviation, is our commitment, our modern manifesto.

What We Do

Our satisfaction is your satisfaction. Working with WTS will make your transportation experience the greatest you could ask for. Let us initiate you to a world of simple forwarding. We take transportation as a matter of minimalism.

On-time, safe delivery

We make it happen as we possess the ability and the means to guarantee an on-time and safe delivery. Using the immediacy of nowadays’ technology, we are allowed to track your cargo anytime. In addition, our well-qualified personnel makes sure that all safety measures are taken.
That’s why you can rely on us whatsoever!

It’s tailor-made!

Unique solutions for unique clients.
We can adapt our services in order to satisfy each and every need of yours. Never has it been easier to ship your cargo as with WTS. We can handle shipments of any type. Loading and delivery plans are provided by our company aiming to make the difficile seems facile.

Global Network

Interstate, Intercontinental transportation is derived from our global network which allows as to connect more than 1000 destinations worldwide.

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